i want to get know you and what you expect from me for your day! this initial consultation is usually held over Skype with wine / tea/ coffee / fizz ( delete as appropriate!) we chat about what you want from me for your day, when your trial should be and current logistics.

your trial

every trial starts with a luxury cleanse, facial massage and further consultation . you can bring a buddy ( someone that will be lovingly honest about your look we create) and enjoy nibbles and refreshments at my home, providing you haven’t fallen asleep during your massage! we use the best and most relevant of your inspiration images to create a look that’s unique to you.

the day itself

let’s pop that champagne open and get you feeling and looking fabulous! i may come with an assistant depending on what is required of me for your day.


occasion make up

i also offer occasion make up and hair styling. Prices start from £60 per service plus petrol costs.



how much do you charge?

– prices for trials start at £100 for Make Up Application only- these usually take place at my home and during the week day. this maximises the wear of the make up,  your value for money and i recommend having your dress fitting after.


-on the day make up application is £250 with the option of adding hair styling. bridal party members start at £100. engagement sessions and red carpet start at £175. i have a minimum ‘ on the day’ booking fee for weddings based on their location. drop me a line for your bespoke quote.


why do you have a minimum fee?

-my experience in the industry and the amount of weddings i cater to per year dictate my fee, as well as the location of your prep venue. my weddings and work have been featured in beautiful and well known publications meaning i’m in the luxury category of hair and make up for weddings, editorial, fashion and campaign.


how long does a trial last?

-your trial will last from 1.5 hours to 5 hours depending on who is having what done. if you’re hiring me for make up only services that usually takes 1.5 hours, but if you and your mum are booking me for hair and make up and both of you want a trial that will take longer. i never rush you, we try a couple of styles and you leave when you’re happy with the results.


do you do weddings in places other than london?

– yes! i love to travel! you can find various weddings on my website that have taken place in the old hall, ely ; west lexham, norfolk;  the pig near bath, babington house, somerset; broughton hall, yorkshire; trevenna barns, cornwall ; hedsor house, buckinghamshire; pembroke lodge, richmond; orleans house and gallery, twickenham  and brighton college . i am also familiar with most london venues ( the mandarin oriental, the savile club, the union club, firmdale hotel group, the dorchester, the corinthia, the royal garden hotel, kensington roof gardens, st pancras renaissance hotel). this year i’ve been lucky enough to have had weddings at miskin manor, wales; vintage vacations brading, isle of wight; gate street barn, guildford; and the pagoda at hampstead heath ( london ).


how will you get to my wedding?

– usually i drive. if your ceremony is a considerable distance i will consider an overnight stay nearby- usually the case as i don’t intend to be late for your wedding morning! if your wedding is in a considerably more exotic location, let’s talk flights.


do you do hair as well as make up?

– i do indeed! i have experience with all types of hair and do maids as well as brides. let me know your requirements in your enquiry email and i can start to build a quote for you from there. please note i don’t work with synthetic hair of any kind under any circumstances.


should i wash my hair before the trial?

– i generally ask that you wash your hair the night before and do with it as you normally would. with any style we go for i completely re set and style anyway.


i want more than just a make up artist, i want you to go that extra mile.

–  this is exactly why you hire me! my services include an exfoliation for yourself and your bridal party members, a relaxing eye mask and facial massage pre make up, cluster lash application tailored to suit your eye shape, a lipstick chosen by us for post ceremony top ups, facial, skincare routine and personal trainer recommendations if required. i also, unless previously arranged don’t leave your preparations until you’re ready to walk out the door.


what’s the difference between hiring you and getting a friend to do my make up and hair for me?

-i, amongst other more fashionable things to mention am fully insured ( incase things go wrong or get stolen ), crb checked ( i work on kid’s editorials regularly ), have a full clean driver’s license ( i’ll travel anywhere ) and have a contract for my services which commits me to do the best i possibly can to benefit you and your bridal party during the preparation and happening of your wedding day. this can mean anything from finding the right moisturiser to help you look fresh not sweaty, helping your bridesmaids do your dress up when they get too nervous to do it, making sure you leave for your ceremony early/ on time and ultimately stepping in when i need to to ensure the pre ceremony goes without a hitch. being a calming influence in what at times can be a sea of anxiety and rushed actions. hiring me is an investment without a doubt, but will be one of the best investments you make for the sake of a beautifully made up face and hair style.


do you do jewish/ asian/ east asian / black/ mixed faith / same sex weddings?

– yes of course! i absolutely love any and every kind of celebration. i have a few jewish, asian and east asian weddings under my belt but they’re not on my website as the couples have chosen to keep them for their eyes only. drop me a line to find out how i can accommodate your requirements.


i have super sensitive/ blemished/ PCOS/ eczema prone skin, can you help me look and feel gorgeous?

– welcome to my world! if you’re lucky enough to have perfect skin, that’s amazing. if you’re a little like myself and either suffer from extreme sensitivity to products or other skin conditions just let me know via your enquiry and we can discuss it in detail during your initial consultation. part of your investment in my services is contacts within the industry, those include the best facialists in town and access to incredible products and specialists.


i have allergies, lots of them. can you recommend products that will work for me?

– yes. i have plenty of experience as a skin care specialist, so again don’t worry. get in touch and we can discuss your requirements at an initial consultation!


i have quite a few ladies in my bridal party, can you accommodate them all?

– yes of course!  i like you all to feel as well as look like total superstars which means dedicating time to each of you. i hire assistants if need be, they are highly trained individuals who specialise in the same level of service, care and luxe artistry that i do. their fee starts at £175 depending on what they are required to do. enquire to find out more.


why do i need a make up artist and hair stylist for my wedding day?

– hiring a wedding day beautifier in today’s world is, in my humble opinion a necessity.  my job is to take your stress spot developing, lipstick smearing, mascara watering woes away from you and help you feel as well as look the most beautiful, glamorous, sexy and confident you ever have. i leave you ready to feel like you could take over the world, albeit it in your delicious gown!  the above is a rough guide to what i offer, every bride is different, i look forward to hearing your requirements and your plans so far!


would you like me to wear make up for my trial?

– no, if you can help it! if you’ve been at work that morning and or can’t bear to leave the house without it, i cleanse when you arrive anyway so don’t worry. but if you can help it a fresh face is perfect.


do i need my veil and or accessories for the trial?

– no, but they are of great help! it helps visualise your look and what will work with the rest of your outfit.


does everyone need to have a trial?

– only the bride NEEDS to have a trial. if you have a particularly fussy/ anxious/ likes-things-just-so bridal party member then by all means i would love to host a trial for them. otherwise we’ll talk about their look thoroughly and implement it on the day.


when should i have my trial?

– everyone is different but i generally recommend 1-3 months before your wedding date, the morning of your second or third dress/ outfit fitting, during the week.


what if i don’t like my trial look?

– we try something else. on average a trial run with me can last 4 hours. we switch looks, exchange ideas and you leave when you’re happy. some brides leave uncertain because there are so many ideas and unexplored options in the world but we always work towards that perfect look!


how much time do you need to prep everyone for my wedding day and what time will you arrive?

– it totally depends on your bridal party size and all your visual requirements. once we’ve done your trial and you’re happy with your look and the designs for your bridal party i create a schedule and send it to you. this will include individual breakdowns and times.


what happens if you’re ill on my wedding day?

– i have never * touch wood* had to hand over a wedding to someone else. i do have a contract which binds me to replace myself if I’m not able to attend your wedding or need help with it. I’m also fully insured.


what is in your kit?

– i have a dolly mixture of a beautiful array of luxury, organic, vegan friendly, cruelty free, skin tone and type inclusive beauty and make up products. i also have a full hair styling kit for blow dries, up dos, down dos, half and half and editorial + fashion style hair.