Winter Skincare Essentials and My Favourite Seasonal Beauty Products

It’s that time of year again ( Winter) where our faces are started to fall off. In all honesty, we must treat our face and skin with respect, after all it’s our largest organ and the only skin we’ll ever have. It’s irreplaceable. Here’s a list of winter skincare essentials I love, how to use them, when to use them and why they might be wonderful for your face. They’re tried and tested on me and my clients.


Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm £43.00

Using two butter bean sized scoop massage this balm over your dry face. You can use it on your eyes but I prefer to use something else as there are menthol and clove leaf oils in there which can be pretty intense around the eyes. Gently wipe off with a hot/ warm flannel. It’s rich but not overly so and leaves your face feeling pampered and soft because of the Omegas and various natural oils.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm £40.00

Almost the same as the Elemis but this is Gluten and Nut Free. Again, using two butter bean sized scoop massage this balm over your dry face.  Gently wipe off with a hot/ warm flannel. It’s rich but not overly so and is suitable for rosacea skin conditions. There are also less ingredients in this one than the Elemis.

Exuviance Gentle Cream Cleanser £42.00

This genius cleanser is perfect for waking your skin up in a gentle way, really taking the day off or using as a gentle nudge into using acids for cleansing and exfoliating. It kind of smells like banana amoxicillin / call medicine you’d take as a kid mixed with sun cream. Odd but endearing. Again, a butter bean/ 50p sized amount massaged all over the face. Again I don’t use these on my eyes. You can, I prefer not to.

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel £31.00

I use this every day. It’s got lovely pumpkin extract in and whilst it actually feels like a balm, feels SUPER lightweight on my skin because there’s no shea butter or cocoa butter in it. It’s full of skin conditioners and calming chamomile and rose extracts.


Exuviance SkinRise Bionic Tonic Pads £46.50

By far my favourite ever form of exfoliating. These are full of Poly Hydroxy Acids ( PHA’s) which are much kinder to sensitive skin and very effective at exfoliating with no scrubbing. Cut one in half, swipe it over the face, jaw and neck and let the refreshing zing do it’s thang.

Dermalogica Reveal Peel £79.00

I’m going to be controversial here and ask that you DON’T use these everyday. Dermalogica explained I could use these everyday and they recommend everyone does BUT I wouldn’t. And my aesthetician has recommended I use them sparingly. I use half of one of the sachet bottles on my face. Leave it on for 3 minutes, I time it. and rinse off with warm water and pat off excess water with a flannel. My skin is so sensitive that’s all I need for a mixed acid DIY at home facial. I then go over with half an Exuviance pad. As it says on their website, this is a maximum strength acid exfoliant so a little in little time go a long way. It’s also, like most of the items on this list, vegan, cruelty, sulphate, gluten and nut free.

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel £34.50

This actually amazed me. A client of mine, a very busy lady used this in the lead up to her wedding and it cleared the congestion ready for a gorgeous skin application. It is in part, scrub. Don’t scrub it all over your face. Apply it, leave it to do it’s thing. Do your laundry/ make your dinner and rinse it off. Can you tell I love a fruit enzyme? This has got pineapple and papaya in as well as Vitamin B3 and anti inflammatory and anti ageing Bladderwrack- what a name.

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads £39.00

Loved by makeup influencers, these contain Lactic Acid- which admittedly isn’t my favourite for skin, BUT again, the enzymes are in there as well as a pro biotic complex which encourages the skin to renew itself. It’s also got pineapple in as an anti inflammatory and mushroom extracts as anti oxidants.


Heal Gel Intensive £39.50

Heal Gel is doctor developed skincare, aimed at treating skin distress and ailments. It contains arnica and anti oxidant madecassoside and is a soothing gel rather than a cream liquid. Perfect for those wanting nourishment, protection and regeneration with a mattifying/ lightweight texture and finish. Press two umps between your palms and press onto your face. Layer with a day cream or SPF.

Bare Minerals Skin Longevity Vital Power Serum £48.00

I absolutely adore this serum. It’s the first serum I’ve been able to use consistently that doesn’t upset my face. It gives me a good dose of Vitamin C and has ‘Long Life Herb Extract’ which promotes healthy, protected and conditioned skin. If I’m going out  or going to bed I’ll use two pumps on my face, if I’m at home pottering or working at the laptop I’ll use one.

Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil £38.00

Quite a rich dry oil, lush if skins can handle it. I use this on my mature clients and those with Normal/ Dry skin. Rose, Shea and Avocado oils to provide intense protection against the elements. Massage about 3 drops onto your face, it’s perfect under a day cream.

Dr Sebagh Repair Serum £69.00

Pure Hyaluronic Acid. I absolutely love this serum. It’s perfect if you want a water binding pure hydration boost but if you don’t want to feel saturated or greasy. Mix a hefty drop with your favourite moisturiser.

Eucerin Anti Redness Soothing Care £20.50

This is just wonderful for putting on after day cream and before foundation if your skin is prone to cracking, dehydrating in hot-cold-hot-cold environments and feeling sore after a few hours. It’s scent free and has a glycerin type texture rather than silicon meaning it doesn’t roll. I smooth a pea sized amount over my cheeks with either my fingers or a fluffy brush.


Lush Dream Cream £14.50

My favourite ever cream. It’s a cream my face is never sick of. It’s worked wonders for things like under boob eczema, parent’s use it on their baby’s eczema * disclaimer please check this with a GP type professional *. It comes in two variations; one that has a synthetic preservative , and one that uses Shea and Cocoa butter as its natural preservative. I personally prefer the synthetic preservative version as my face doesn’t like high amounts of shea butter and cocoa butter. I slather this on because that’s what I love to do but you only really need a pea sized amount. I use this as my day AND night cream because it’s awesome and my skin is fussy.

Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre £13.00

The most amazing basic cream anyone could own. It protects, hydrates and is perfect for ‘ Normal to Dry’ skin that needs conditioning. Scent Free, inexpensive. I’d use it if you have super sensitive skin and want to alter it with a lovely serum.

Murad Balancing Moisturising Broad Spectrum 15 PA £30.00

Full of amino acids, proteins and skin conditioners. I’ve just recommended this cream to a client with combination skin that wants it feeling soft but not greasy. Bean sized amount pressed onto the skin.


Oskia Bed Time Beauty Boost £80.00

A nourishing cream perfect for giving your skin an intense boost of nutrients ( multi vitamins, omegas, hyaluronic acid ) without weighing it down.

Lush Enzymion £16.95

A great cream if you’re super concerned about your super greasy skin being greasy overnight but don’t want it to become dehydrated and neglected. It’s got a lovely boost of Vitamin C for those that can take it and is full of great natural ingredients to nourish ( Avocado and Aloe Vera ) and brighten ( Papaya ).


Simple Masks from £2.00

There are a few of these and they do all do slightly different things. These are like masks for those wanting to know the basics. I love these as they’re great for hangovers, they’re cooling and the hydration is insane. They’re super wet which I love and not too huge ( my face is quite small.)

QMS Medicosmetics Hydro Foam Mask £46.00

I used to use this mask when I worked at Liberty. It’s a wonderfully cooling, oxygen infusing mask that infuses your skin with hyaluronic acid, silk proteins and jojoba oil to clam any inflammation.

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