What Skincare Brands Does a Makeup Artist Use? #INMYKIT

I’m frequently asked what skincare brands I favour most in my kit for their quality, ethics and effects on the skin. Here are my favourites.

My favourite cleanser to use for a wedding or event is Exuviance’s Gentle Cleansing Cream. It’s super kind to every skin type- rosacea, acne, couperosis, eczema, nourishing and also exfoliates using a Polyhydroxy Acid ( imagine an acid that eats the rubbish from your face whilst repairing your skin barrier ). CF VF SF NF GF

Clinisept is the simplest product in the world. It’s anti bac for your face. yes, it actively and gently disinfects your face from pollution and bacteria keeping it cleaner and more soothed and comforted. Also helps calm irritated skin. I use it instead of a toner. CF VF SF NF GF

Haekels is a brand I’ve just started using, they’re based in Kent and are completely biodiverse and sustainable, vegan and cruelty free. They’re also luxury but at a really decent pricepoint. The serum smells amazing, clean and fresh rather than overly perfumey and is a perfect addition to further skin protection. The bio restore membrane eye masks are £32 for 18 pairs. CF VF SF NF GF

Embryolisse Cream Concentrate is the perfect skincare for really hyper sensitive and intolerant skin and or really normal skin that just needs a little moisture barrier. It’s only a little greasy and has no scent. It’s the perfect ‘staple’ boring moisturiser that’s pretty perfect just the way it is. CF VF SF NF GF

La Roche Posays products aren’t currently cruelty free as they pay to test on animals where required by law which is really unfortunate as their Ciclaplast Gel is loved by many as a protective, soothing, invisible moisturiser for skin that’s distressed or has suffered stress- such as acne, for long periods of time. I love using it as a men’s grooming moisturiser and for corporate photo shoots where you want the skin to be nourished ( it’s antibacterial ) and soothed but don’t want shine. Contains copper ( naturally anti bacterial, minimises breakouts), zinc ( reduces inflammation, UV damage, reduces reoccurrence of acne), manganese mineral complex and Madecassoside ( reduce skin damaging free radicals ). VF SF NF

Lush Dream Cream is my favourite moisturiser of all time. I use it as a day and night cream- top it up with a good SPF during the day. It’s pretty greasy which if you like that then great, it’s the most incredibly simple cream with the simplest ingredients ( Oat Milk, Rosewater, Tea Tree, Lavender Olive Oil) which are all designed to calm, soothe, nourish, and help very dry, very sensitive skin ( Rosacea, Couperosis, Eczema). CF VF SF NF

Murad SPF. Modern, gorgeous, vegan and cruelty free, luxury city skincare. The City Shield isn’t particularly moisturising I’ve found but if you team it with the Haekels serum or a hyaluronic acid it gives a beautiful sheen finish. The Oil and Pore Control Mattifier is a great start to a matte complexion, both SPF’s have no white transfer. For super duper oilier/ sweatier/ nervous skins I team it with the Face2Face Makeup International Primer and pop some powder over the top of foundation if it’s needed. City Shield: CF VF SF NF, Oil and Pore Control Mattifier CF VF SF NF GF

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