What Cruelty Free Foundations and Concealers Does a Professional Makeup Artist Use? #INMYKIT

What Cruelty Free Foundations and Concealers does a Professional Makeup Artist Use? The foundations I use are aimed at varied skin tones and skin types from very fair caucasian to mid olive asian to dark rich ebony/ black, from oily, combination skin to dry, sensitive and skin with concerns such as rosacea, couperosis or acne. I also, as an artist mix my foundations together. This is mainly to cut down on the waste in having every single type and shade of foundation- I have to rein myself in! This is also because everyone’s skin tone is completely different and changes everyday, so I would have to mix to get the perfect shade anyway.

cruelty free light to medium coverage foundation ex1 cosmetics invisiwear

EX1 Cosmetics Invisiwear Foundation is a brilliant Cruelty Free pale Olive toned foundation, I have shade 01. This can be mixed with any of the other foundations and will give an Olive hue. The brand was started by a biochemist called Farah Naz as she was fed up of not being able to find a lovely foundation for her olive toned skin. This is a medium coverage foundation and is described as buildable. I don’t really ‘build’ a lot of foundations as I have the luxury of multiple coverages across my kit.

cruelty free light to medium coverage foundation ysm cream foundation inglot

Inglot Cosmetics YSM ( Young Skin Makeup) Foundation is in shade 50 for my kit and is a lovely Cruelty Free foundation, like EX1 for those with quite ‘ normal’ skin that don’t need a great deal of cover up. I call them my ‘ basic’ foundations as they’re not needed for spot coverage or heavy discolouration.

cruelty free medium to full coverage dry skin foundation cosmetics ala carte flawless foundation

Cosmetics alĂ  Carte Flawless Foundation is a really gorgeous substitute for the Cover FX Foundation Drops ( which you can’t get in the UK anymore ). It’s highly pigmented so give amazing coverage, great for sensitive skin and is more hydrating than the Cover FX, mostly because of the Hyaluronic Acid ( beware this means it can ‘oxydise’ or get darker just after application so bear this in mind when getting colour matched and post application). It’s also totally dreamy to apply with your fingers, perfect for the brushless and lazy among us. I have shades Ivory and Beige ( both cool in undertone ) Gold and Honey ( both warm in undertone), they come in much darker shades and with correctors Peach and White. Also Cruelty Free.

Kryolan Dermacolour is my absolute go to Foundation/ Concealer hybrid for anything/ anyone that needs a heavier coverage in minimal layers. It’s completely weightless, is great for normal to oily skin types- you can use it on drier but you have to prep the skin with lots of hydration and is so pigmented it covers tattoos, acne, pigmentation, rosacea. You can layer it with colour correctors for things like tattoos or whip it on quick, its up to you. Cruelty Free, Vegan, Gluten Free and Nut Free.

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer is the best Cruelty Free concealer for normal to dry skin I’ve ever used. It’s super pigmented, hydrating, doesn’t move across the face, doesn’t oxidise ( go a weird, darker colour as soon as it’s settled on the face) and covers tattoos, redness and dark circles. It also doesn’t contain nuts, sulphates or gluten. L_R Gold Ivory ( Warm), Medium Gold ( Warm) and Tan ( Cooler )

RCMA Vincent Kahoe Kevin James Bennett Palette is one of my absolute faves. I personally don’t think it’s particularly buildable but the coverage is lovely, especially for HD as that is what it was developed for. The colour range you get with this is AMAZING, the first row covers pink/ cool tones, the second row covers yellow/ warm tones and there are mixers and adjusters on the bottom row so I can get a perfect tone regardless of what colour my client’s skin tone and lightness is. This is especially great for using on men as the finish is neither completely matte or glowy. Cruelty Free, Nut Free, Gluten Free.

Ere Perez Quinoa Water Foundation is great because it’s super lightweight but it ‘sticks’ almost like a stain. You know when you put a lip stain on and it literally doesn’t budge from your lips? Like that. I like to mix it with the Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation below so a really lightweight, almost nothing Cruelty Free coverage with staying power and a glow.

Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation is a lovely lightweight, light coverage, foundation. It looks like skin and is perfect mixed with the Quinoa Foundation as above if you’ve got oily to normal skin. I wouldn’t use it on dry skin as I found, for mine, it didn’t nourish it enough. If you’ve got perfect skin and want a little somethin’- somethin’ I’d give this a go. Cruelty Free, not Gluten Free though.

Inika Organic BB Cream is gorgeous. It’s sheer, has a little colour correcting magic and I think is really beautiful on clearer, mature skins and those that don’t want to feel they’ve got ‘ alot’ on. I love this because it doesn’t smell of anything, goes on quickly with your fingers and feels not dewy, not matte, a little like clay- which sounds odd I know. Cooling, not sticky. Again, Cruelty Free, not Gluten Free though, unfortunately.

IT Cosmetics Illuminating Concealer is their best product. Cruelty Free and recommended to me by a lovely colleague for bouncing the light away from deeper eye sockets/ super high cheekbone structure/ stubborn dark circles and it works. It can be layered with Amazing Cosmetics or Kryolan Dermacolour and if permits, Hourglass Illuminating Powder and works perfectly.

Bare Minerals Matte SPF15 Foundation in Neutral Dark and Neutral Ivory. I love these Cruelty Free foundations- you do have to be careful of flashback, but I find them great for finishing coverage on spots, scarred skin and anything else that requires mattifying and a little extra coverage. Again, I don’t need lots of colours as I can mix the two depending on what shade I need.

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