Leia- Natural make up and hair for zombie engagement shoot in Hampstead

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Leia and Torsten got in touch me via Marianne Chua after seeing this halloween inspired shoot by myself and Ellie Gillard. Leia loved the idea of a shoot to celebrate their engagement and Torsten thought it would be fun to incorporate one of their favourite TV shows, The Walking Dead into the mix!


Leia Torsten-26_1


Post flight over to the UK and having a catch up with friends the night before, I prepped Leia’s face with plenty of Rose Water, Heal Gel- works wonders for an oily complexion that needs some TLC and luminizer. We emphasised her gorgeous lashes with some eye contouring and vamped things up with a bright lipstick.


Leia Torsten-28_1


Torsten opted for some moisturiser and beard combing.


Leia Torsten-32_1


Their zombie was played by Clive Double. Extra blood splatter courtesy of myself!


Leia Torsten-51_1

Leia Torsten-56_1

Leia Torsten-58_1

Leia Torsten-63_1

Leia Torsten-77_1

Leia Torsten-85_1

Leia Torsten-91_1




Leia Torsten-92

Leia Torsten-97_1


Make Up, Hair and Grooming by Kylie McMichael

Photography by Marianne Chua

Shot on location at Hampstead Heath Pergola and Gardens