Jennifer Lawrence red carpet

Hooded- eyed Heroines.

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What are hooded eyes, you ask? People who have hooded eye lids simply have a slightly different shape of eye. We wearers of the hooded eye have an extra fold of skin that covers the crease in our eyelid, usually completely, making it appear smaller. It also means we lose or have to relocate attention and detail on our eye make ups, no fancy eye liner shapes or shadow changes as you can’t see it. Every single race can be a wearer of the hooded eye. It is most commonly noticed in people of South East Asian descent as it is at it’s most extreme but it can be a genetic feature for anyone, myself included!


Kylie McMichael McClelland Make Up Artist Hooded Eye Headshot


It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with us, and it also doesn’t hinder our ability to see. It is simply a different shape of eye and means that when we apply make up we have to accentuate different things in a different way.


I’ve compiled a visual list of my Hooded eyed Heroines and how their make up has been applied to help their specific eye shape stand out and look beautiful.


Michelle Williams


michelle williams harpers bazaar AGATA POSPIESZYNSKA


Michelle’s eye make up here is smouldery yes but is actually pretty subtle because of the hood. You can’t see a lot of the detail that has gone into the eye make up. Notice how her lashes have been lengthened in this top shot. I’d be surprised if her make up artist for this shoot had used false lashes as they don’t creep out from under her eyes. You can really notice her lid is heavy and hooded in these shots but I love them. They embrace what she has.


michelle williams harpers bazaar AGATA POSPIESZYNSKA



Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence Vanity Fair 2014 make up


I love these images of Jennifer Lawrence as they really show her hooded lids off in a subtle way. In the above image her lips have been made a feature and her eyes have been kept super natural. She’s looking down into the camera slightly and this means you can see the shape of her eyes really well. They’ve been lightly lined and shadowed and kept soft. In the below left images she has been given false lashes and eyeliner although not immediately apparent. Her liner is heavier in the bottom right and I’d be surprised if she had falsies on.


Jennifer Lawrence red carpet


Olivia Munn



Olivia Munn red carpet make up smokey eye


Olivia Munn’s hooded eyes descend from her mixed cultural heritage, her Mum being Viet-Chinese. The look above shows a subtle smokey eye and small insert lashes being used to open the shape a little. The below look is my fave as it’s super natural, pared back with the right amount of punch. Wispy long lashes have been added for dimension and her eyes have been subtly lined. A look like this is perfect for summer for us hoodies as it’s fuss free, shows our features off and is effortlessly gorgeous.


Olivia Munn red carpet make up red lip



Samira Wiley



Samira Wiley’s eyes are super hooded. She has almost no lid at all and I believe it makes her super striking. She’s often seen on the red carpet with huge lashes, I wasn’t massively keen on those images or make ups so I chose these two. The above is with pretty big strip false lashes, no liner and a natural lid. The below is my absolute fave. The lashes are there but more subtle. Reflectors have been used on her lids which do wonders in opening and brightening the eye shape and her lash line has been intensified with liner and shadow, elongating the lid, opening the eye and really enhancing the shape just beautifully.




Sonequa Martin- Green



These two make ups for Sonequa Martin- Green are perfect examples of how liner on the waterline can work wonderfully for a small eye with hooded lid- it’s a common misconception that we can’t wear liner let along on the waterline. Sonequa’s eye shape is not only hooded but an uplifting almond shape. Long but light lashes have been used above with plenty of liner to smoke out and intensify the almond shape. The look below is lighter, with heavier lashes. Both use reflecting shadows even though the above look is smokier and heavier than the one below. Can you see how lashes have been used to open the eyes up with these red carpet looks? If it were JUST eye liner being use the eye seems narrow, smaller and more ” Emo/ Punk ” like.


sonequa martin green make up afro hair



Charlotte Rampling



charlotte rampling


Charlotte Rampling’s eyes have a whole other level of respect for me. Mainly because she does exactly what she wants to. No surgery to tighten and lift, no false lashes, just a shimmering shade of blue under- eye liner which is also goes into the water line. She is absolutely fully embracing her hooded eye shape. I also love the picture below. It’s care free. She’s wearing very little here I imagine, again, let alone false lashes. A wonderful example of a mature make up pleasing no one in particular but the wearer.



Do you have hooded eye lids? What are favourite techniques to show them off?