How much you should expect to pay for a Wedding Specialist, and why you should pay it. anne hathaway bridal look

How much you should expect to pay for a Wedding Specialist, and why you should pay it.


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A somewhat aggressive headline yes, in all honesty, it’s needed.

It’s been the time of year for me when people have been writing to me, loving my work ( thank you! ) but not wanting to part with their hard earned wedding budget. i can understand. honestly i can.

and i wholeheartedly support that you want to distribute your wedding budget for what you consider to be necessities / essentials that will enable your wedding to be pretty spectacular. which is why i’m now going to tell you why your face and hair should be a part of that list using past clients’ experiences as well as my own.



-my own wedding was EPIC, there, I said it. it was the most amazing day of my life. apart from some logistics issues and my flowers, my wedding was bloody gorgeous and according to 99% of our guests ( and 300 plus blog viewers ) the best wedding they’d ever been to. except for my flowers. as i said before and say to all my ladies, i hated my flowers. they were nothing like the brief i gave my chosen florist and didn’t float my boat. i was cheap and didn’t pay for my ultimate dream florist. it’s a regret i feel everyday, seriously. every time i see a beautiful bride on instagram or pinterest or I’m planning a shoot and i see an epically gorgeous bouquet i think- ‘that could have been me’. i know i might seem a little like a loser/ not grateful for the smaller/ bigger things, i totally am incredibly grateful but i still regret it.


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– I’ve had many a past client that have picked cheaper people before they chose me. i use the term ‘ people’ as in my opinion, the way they’ve been treated has been pretty awful and they don’t deserve to be called professionals or artists. my client has been ignored, the person in question hasn’t implemented the style the client has wanted as ‘ they know better’ or they’ve been dishonest and said they can complete the style when in reality they can’t for various reasons. yes i know others are cheaper but you will ultimately be spending more money righting a cosmetic wrong than you will just hiring me, a bridal specialist, in the first place.

i’ve also had acquaintances that have basically been too cheap to hire me but have asked me for advice about what their cheaper hired artist has, for the lack of a better term, cocked up. i’ve politely told them to refer to their chosen artist for their opinion. ‘ oh but your work is so beautiful, i had to ask’.

make sure you pick an artist that ‘gets you’. I’ve had ladies come my way simply because their previous artist hasn’t listened to a word they’ve said about their style, skin and hair woes and mood board interests and has given them something completely lifeless and sapped their complexion of any energy at all. you don’t want to look ‘ boring’, you want to look the most gorgeous, radiant, confident and sexy you’ve ever looked. i hope my work makes your creative heart sing, i truly want to give you the wedding morning you dreamed of and the wedding day look that has been tailored for you.



– it’s lovely that you have a very talented friend that I’m sure is in fact a dab hand with an eyeshadow brush, but do you really want someone with zero experience of weddings to be in charge of your FACE and HAIR on your wedding day? remember you’re going to be photographed all day, kissed, hugged and eat all the way through. is your friend fully insured incase you break out/ get a rash/ she doesn’t turn up and has to get someone else to fill in? is your friend completely experienced with everything wedding prep entails? will they have the time to sew a corsage onto a bridesmaid’s dress so you’re not late for your ceremony and there’s no one else to do it? please consider all the ‘ that won’t happens’ before you get a friend to do your hair and make up. please also consider you don’t have the same relationship with them as you will with me. i’ve literally had to do all of the above, it’s what makes me a specialist at what i do. i’m used to demands, i’m used to picking up after people, i’m used to my clients being very specific with what they want and smashing their expectations. i’m used to WEDDINGS. i WANT to be there for you, you’re paying me for a service and i’m going to do my damnedest to make sure everything is smooth and calm and as enjoyable as possible.


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– you’re a true warrior, i applaud your confidence and epic makeup abilities. your wedding morning, will FEEL different to when you do your makeup normally. everything can be little jittery. i also totally understand your trust issues. i’ve had my makeup done by other professional artists and absolutely hated it as i wasn’t in control. lucky for you, i offer makeup lessons. these are super in depth, cover skincare, technique, foundation application, contouring and eye makeup looks.


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– when a supplier/ when i send you prices, please try not to baulk at the enormity it may seem straightaway. PLEASE try and see the investment from someone else’s point of view. if my work makes you swoon, flick from page to page of past brides then really try to accommodate it. it will be worth it. i, amongst other more fashionable things to mention am fully insured and have a contract for my services which commits me to do the best i possibly can to benefit you and your bridal party during the preparation and happening of your wedding day. this can mean anything from finding the right moisturiser to help you look fresh not sweaty, helping your bridesmaids do your dress up when they get too nervous to do it, making sure you leave for your ceremony on time and ultimately stepping in when i need to to ensure the pre ceremony goes without a hitch. hiring me is an investment without a doubt, but will be one of the best investments you make for the sake of a beautifully made up face and hair style.


do you have any make up and horror stories to share on my blog? did you hire an expensive but absolutely awesome wedding supplier that you want to rave about?