piz buin eucerin simple spf sensitive skin care

The Perfect SPF’s for sensitive skin. Winter + Summer Sun.

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I’ll bet you’re already Googling * Winter Getaway* * Winter Sun* aren’t you? Yes, it’s colder, darker and us Brits are already reeling from the little summer we had back in MAY and are craving Vitamin D.

Well back when it was warm, I was researching the BEST and most affordable- I don’t mean cheap, I mean affordable; summer skin care for mainly sensitive skins. As a professional make up artist I get asked about skincare and SPF’s a lot.


The differences:

UVB rays – “burning rays” – harm the skin’s surface and are the main cause of sunburn.

UVA rays – “ageing rays” – penetrate deeper and damage collagen and elastin, which can result in premature skin ageing and cancer.




bioderma sensitive skin spf50 holiday summer winter sun


Bioderma is an amazing specialist skincare brand for all types of sensitive skin ( oily, spot prone, eczema, dry, ‘ normal’ ). Their facial skin care is used ALOT in the make up industry because of it’s simple, skin loving ingredients, one size fits all approach ( super useful when you’re on a shoot and have a multitude of models with different needs ). Unfortunately Bioderma aren’t Vegan friendly, but this SPF is fragrance free, comes in a 30 AND an After Sun. T’s water resistant and leaves a completely non greasy but nourished texture. Unlike other mainstream SPF’s I’ve tried this one is completely irritation free, you know when you’ve caught the sun and your skin feels splotchy and irritated? This doesn’t do that due to the extreme anti- UVA properties of the spray and Cellular BIOprotection® complex. It’s also ‘photo stable’ which means no flashback when you’re selfie-ing.


piz buin eucerin simple anti ageing age resisting spf


Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Day Cream SPF15 is perfect for summers in the UK with it’s lower rate. It’s got Green Tea in it which is a fabulous anti oxidant, Mushroom extract- soothing and anti inflammatory, Vitamins for general skin health and Oat Beta Glucan- healing and protecting. I personally love it even though it’s not Vegan Friendly. It’s basic in feel and scent which is always a good sign for me and feels like its protecting my face both in SPF and moisture levels.


piz buin allergy sensitive skin spf15 holiday summer winter sun


Piz Buin Allergy Sun Sensitive Spray is PERFECT for when you have skin allergies but want to tan AND smell nice. It literally smells of summer and Piz Buin is the first brand to have implemented the SPF ( Sun Protection Factor) in the 1960’s. They’re basically responsible for helping you not get cancer. This works by not only having a super strong UVA UVB complex but it contains


eucerin sensitive skin spf30 holiday summer winter sun


Eucerin Sun Creme is one of my favourite SPF’s for the face. It’s super greasy which I LOVE- it’s a super dry skin gal thing, so stay away if you want something oil free. It feels like it’s instantly protecting my face. I did feel like I had to top it up a few times a day but then I’m a hardcore sunbather. It also comes in a SPF50 and ingredients include Chinese Liquorice extract which soothes redness and reduces inflammation. Perfect for easily irritated sun sensitive skin. Other ingredients include Glycyrrhetinic Acid which helps the skin repair itself after stress and damage and glycerin. Beware of it’s scent. It does reek of alcohol. It didn’t put me off to be honest, my kit constantly smells of surgical spirit so…!


uvistat lip balm sensitive skin spf50 holiday summer winter sun


Uvistat is my new favourite lip balm for summer. It’s got an SPF of 50 with denser orange flavoured  protection available for the kiddies. It’s amazing for preventing coldsores, chapped lips and burns. It’s also been endorsed by Melanoma UK which was a particular selling point for me. It DOES leave white marks everywhere which I didn’t realise until my husband asked what the hell was on my mouth- I looked like a clown in reverse!  It’s also got Vitamin E and Tea tree oil in ( nourishing and anti bacterial respectively). Not currently known whether Uvistat is cruelty free.


chantecaille sensitive skin spf50 primer holiday summer winter sun


Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection Sunscreen is the definitive luxury sun screen for the more mature lady who doesn’t want to feel like they’re wearing an oil slick on their face. Mine is an SPF 50 but it’s current form is SPF45. It also acts as a primer. Once you get it on it feels fresh and matte which is perfect for humid city environments. My Mum loves it as it’s non sticky and anything greasy makes her feel hot. It’s infused with their famous Rosa Damascena Water and is cruelty free.


My CURRENT vegan loves are by LUSH, I have no pictures as I don’t own them. They’re super low in SPF and are great for oilier skins See Powdered Sunshine. My sister uses the Sesame Suntan Lotion SPF10 on her face.