Smokey eyes, and how to describe them and their differences.

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I had a wonderful client today. A bridal client. During her trial we looked at a few images she had gathered of the makeup she had liked. Among them were these:


fresh pretty makeup with false lashes

Amanda Seyfried neutral glowy makeup


She then added that she liked wearing eyeliner and wanted something ‘Smokey’. Now. That word. Smokey. Is quite an ambiguous word, isn’t it? It can literally mean anything. A shade can be called Smokey. The blending of an eyeshadow can be ‘Smoked out’.


So, I’ve put together some descriptions and some pictures that you can use to help describe the kind of ‘Smokey’ eye makeup to ask your chosen artist for.


Can I have a smokey cut crease?


neutral cut crease with flick


This may be slightly more over the top that I would normally do for a client ( the flick especially ), but this is what I would understand to be a smokey cut crease. Your choices of colours will be interpreted in a different way and your Artist will help choose neutral or warm tones dependant on your desired look and skin tones.


Can I have a colour wash of medium shadow going up to my crease with faded out smokey emphasis around my socket and lashes?


katie janes hughes eye makeup


This, by the mistress Katie Jane Hughes. A soft smoked out medium shadow and black smudged into the lashes. Right in. Gorgeous, soft, subtle with just the right amount of Oomph.



Can I have a smokey eye, but wearable and subtle?


wearable subtle smokey eye


I love this. It’s super suitable for day time. It’s fresh and just the right amount of sexy. The subtle use of liner makes sure the eye line isn’t washed out by the depth of colour and the reflectors keep it light and pretty.

Can I have a petite smokey eye?


emo style gothic smokey eye


Again, your colour choice is totally up to you. Maybe it’s the Emo kid in me but someone says petite smokey eye and I hear goth black.


Can I have a full on smokey eye?


smokey eye


Colour choice and taste permitting, this is what I would understand to be a full on smokey eye. A base colour, a medium dark on top, that then fades into a super dark. Black is definitely thrown in there as to me, THAT is the smoke. Intensity is built up around the lashes, the waterline is filled with black or brown. It’s super dark, super intense and has to be blended beautifully. Expect a proper smokey eye to take your artist about an hour to achieve in pair.